...until T+1. Will YOU be ready?
...until T+1. Will YOU be ready?

Who We Are

The Canadian Capital Markets Association (CCMA) is a national, federally incorporated, not-for-profit organization, launched in 1999 to identify, analyze and recommend ways to meet the challenges and opportunities facing Canadian and international capital markets.


To enhance the competitiveness of Canada’s capital markets through a forum of industry experts who provide leadership and direction to the investment community.

Our Mandate

To communicate, educate and help co-ordinate the different segments of the investment industry on projects and initiatives spanning multiple parts of Canada’s capital markets.

Who We Serve

Participating under the co-ordinating umbrella of the Canadian Capital Markets Association (CCMA) are dealers, custodians, asset managers and industry associations, etc.; key securities infrastructure, such as exchanges, The Canadian Depository of Securities (CDS) and Fundserv; back-office service providers and vendors; and other stakeholders (e.g., regulators including SROs).

How We Work

Our Board of Directors, representing the Canadian capital markets and with industry input, determines which cross-investment-industry initiative(s) the CCMA focuses resources on.  The issue(s) will determine which industry segments, firms, industry associations, support and other organizations become involved and how.  Usually this is done through CCMA committees..

What’s New

The CCMA’s 2022 resources are focused on the CDS Post-Trade Modernization program and on possible settlement cycle changes being considered in the U.S. The CCMA will work with industry members who are participants of CDS to co-ordinate, educate and communicate the work and efforts associated with implementing the TMX/CDS Post-Trade Modernization program and to work collaboratively with American counterparts on any post-trade settlement changes.

Latest Releases

March 17 2023: CCMA Comments on Proposed NI-24-101 Amendments / 17 mars 2023 : Réponse de l’ACMC à la sollicitation de commentaires sur les propositions afférentes à T+1
March 16, 2023:  Comments on Proposed NI 24-101 Amendments and Staff Notice 81-335 the Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC), Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC), and Portfolio Management Association of Canada (PMAC)
March 14, 2023: CCMA Announces Canadian T+1 Start Date / 14 mars 2023 : L’ACMC annonce la date de T+1 pour le Canada
February 15, 2023:  CCMA Announces SEC Releases Final T+1 Rules, Date15 février 2023:  La SEC publie les règles finales afférentes au passage à T+1 et la date de transition
February 9, 2023:  CCMA Letter to SEC – Risks of Q1 Implementation v. Benefits of Labour Day 2024
January 31, 2023: 
Time to Talk T+1 (CCMA Newsletter #8) / 31 janvier 2023 C’est le temps de parler T+1 (Infolettre No. 8)
January 31, 2023: Updated CCMA T+1 Asset List / 31 janvier 2023 : Mise à jour de la liste des actifs T+1
January 31, 2023: Updated Recommended T+1 ITP Processing Timing  / 31 janvier 2023 :   Recommandations mis à jour des modifications T+1 apportées au cycle de traitement de la CDS
December 15, 2022:  CCMA Announcement – Canadian securities regulators outline steps to support transition to T+1 / Le 15 décembre 2022 : Annonce de l’ACMC – Les autorités en valeurs mobilières du Canada décrivent les étapes à suivre pour appuyer la transition vers T+1
December 1, 2022:  CDS Migration to T+1 (Business Requirements)
November 29, 2022:  Time to Talk T+1 (Issue 7)  / 29 novembre 2022 : C’est le temps de parler T+1 (Numéro 7)
October 10, 2022:  CCMA co-signs letter requesting SEC to publish T+1 implementation date
September 20, 2022:  Time to Talk T+1 (Issue 6) / septembre 2022 : C’est le temps de parler T+1 (Numéro 6)
September 19, 2022: 
Updated FAQs / septembre 19, 2022 : Foire aux questions (FAQ)
August 1, 2022:  Time to Talk T+1  (Issue 5) / 1 août 2022 : C’est le temps de parler T+1 (Numéro 5)
August 1, 2022: T+1 Asset List (at July 31, 2022) / 1 août 2022 : Liste d’actifs canadiens T+1 (31 juillet 2022)
August 1, 2022: T+1 Awareness Survey Results (July 29, 2022)
July 31, 2022:  Recommended T+1 CDS Scheduler Adjustments / 31 juillet 2022 : Recommandations et répercussions des modifications T+1 apportées au cycle de traitement de la CDS
May 31, 2022: CCMA issues fourth newsletter, Time to Talk T+1 / L’ACMC a publié le dernier numéro de son infolettre :  C’est le temps de parler T+1
May 31, 2022:  CCMA requests comments on List of Assets Moving to T+1 Settlement / L’ACMC invite vos commentaires sur la Liste d’actifs canadiens T+1 pour l’ACMC
April 29, 2022:  CCMA issues high-level integrated T+1 timeline, reflecting Fundserv and U.S./SEC timelines
April 11, 2022:  CCMA responds regarding T+1 implementation date to SEC request for comments on proposed T+1 rules
March 31, 2022:  CCMA issues third newsletter, Time to Talk T+1 / L’ACMC a publié le dernier numéro de son infolettre :  C’est le temps de parler T+1
February 9, 2022:  Shortening the Securities Transaction Settlement Cycle (Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) File No. S7-05-22, Request for Comments on T+1, including implementation by March 31, 2024, and on T+0 (247 pages))
February 3, 2022:  CSA issues Staff Notice 24-318 – Preparing for the Implementation of T+1 Settlement
January 31, 2022:  CCMA issues January newsletter, Time to Talk T+1 / L’ACMC a publié le dernier numéro de son infolettre :  C’est le temps de parler T+1 
December 20, 2021:  IIAC Publishes Op Ed – IIAC and Members Working with CCMA towards T+1
December 1, 2021: CCMA Confirms Faster Securities Settlement Project in Canada Is a Go
1 décembre 2021 :
L’ACMC confirme que le projet de règlement accéléré des valeurs mobilières au Canada sera mis en œuvre
September 1, 2021: 
Time to Talk T+1 (Issue #1) / C’est le temps de parler T+1 (Numéro 1)
April 29, 2021:  CCMA Announces Study of T+1 Settlement Cycle
March 25, 2021:  CDS Reply to CCMA on BSO and Testing Concerns
January 9, 2021:  BSO and Industry Testing Concerns
April 19, 2019:  Settlement Optimization Recommendation to CDS
January 11, 2019:  Post-Trade Modernization – CNS Hold and Buy-In Extensions
December 5, 2017:  CCMA Seeks Members for New TMX/CDS Post-Trade Modernization Advisory Council