White Papers

The CCMA’s priority in 1999 was to facilitate the Canadian securities industry’s overall preparedness to implement first, a settlement cycle shortened to T+1, and after the disruptions of straight-through-processing (STP) strategies while promoting efficient and timely trade-date matching among capital market participants.

December 18, 2003:  Direct Registration System White Paper

September 16, 2003:  Retail Trade Processing White Paper

June 6, 2003:  Canadian Securities Marketplace Best Practices and Standards (Institutional Trade Processing, Entitlements and Securities Lending)

May 26, 2003:  Corporate Actions White Paper Addendum

January 29, 2003:  Securities Lending White Paper

October 15, 2002:  Corporate Actions White Paper

2002:  STP_Primer –  STP Is Everyone’s Business

October 31, 2001:  General and Detailed Legal and Regulatory Issues List

November 10, 2000:  Charles River Associates – Economic Case for Canada T+1

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